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Our Mission: Provide our readers with a gringa perspective on Latino topics (music, language, culture, food, etc.) while showcasing the positive aspects of our bi-cultural experiences and breaking through the stereotypes of the Latino-Anglo intersection.

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La Rubia: A Texas native, La Rubia grew up with the influences of Latin culture all around her. However, it wasn’t until college, pursuing a double major in Latin American Studies and Film and Video Production did her interest in this spectacular culture really begin to blossom. Seeking to learn more beyond the classroom, La Rubia fell head over heels and landed herself in some fabulous adventures. With experience in both the film and music industries, she is currently teaching and pursuing a Masters in Communication. La Rubia continues to explore all things latino through her culinary endeavors, salsa dancing as much as possible and learning Spanish (again).

La Roja: Born and raised in Memphis, La Roja first fell in love with the Latin culture during her high school Spanish class when the teacher assigned a Chayanne music video as part of a homework assignment. While she is 100% gringa from a Southern family, through her intense Spanish language studies, travels to Mexico, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, and friendships with Latinos, La Roja discovered her alma latina! Via a job promotion, she moved to Miami and that’s where the fun begins! La Roja is a lover of salsa dancing and reggaeton, enjoys exploring the 305 and supports several Latino social media organizations.

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