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Coca-Cola Sabor A Casa

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Coca-Cola Sabor A Casa

Coca-Cola Sabor A Casa

Living in Miami is always a culturally rich experience, but that statement is especially true during Hispanic Heritage month. I always love hearing about the traditions of my Hispanic friends and what those traditions mean to them. Saying that, I was very happy to receive an invitation from my friends from Coca-Cola to attend a “Sabor A Casa” dinner. As we all know, there are millions of Latinos living in the US, many of which haven’t been back home in years. So during Hispanic Heritage month, to help to remember and celebrate, Coca-Cola treated us to a taste of “home”!


This event truly represented to me that cultural experience in Miami that I mentioned. During the evening, I got to sit around table with fellow bloggers and hear about all their different traditions growing up and traditions they still work into their daily lives. Beyond the amazing conversation, I have to say the food was spectacular! We were treated to a 3-course meal by one of Miami’s best chefs, Michelle Bernstein, who took us on culinary tour through Latin America through some of your favorite Latin dishes, each paired with an ice-cold Coke. I also loved how she came out to explain to us the intention and significance behind each dish before it was served, which further enriched our experience.

To further give you a glimpse into this amazing initiative with Coca-Cola, check out this video

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So beautiful, right?


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