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5 Tips When Buying Save the Dates

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5 Tips When Buying Save the Dates

5 Tips When Buying Save the Dates

So, if you are reading this that means that you just starting the process of planning your wedding and looking to buy your Save the Dates. First things, please take a moment to breathe deeply! While the planning can be stressful, remember that we live in the age of technology and there are so many ways to make this process easier and pain-free. Also, if you are anything like me and your biggest stress point is the cost of your upcoming wedding, I have a fix for that as well!

When planning my wedding, I have two goals in mind: Easy, fabulous and in-expensive. While those sound like complement contradictions, when I discovered Wedding Paper Divas, I realized this was totally possible! So, while I might not be able to solve all your wedding worries, hopefully through my experience with this fabulous website, we can help you make it through this first wedding hurtle, the Save the Date Cards!


So here are 5 tips when buying Save the Dates:
– Plan ahead: To ensure you are able to save the most money, give yourself plenty of time when ordering the Save the Dates. The first reason is obvious: with a flexible schedule, you don’t have to pay extra for rush production or delivery. Also, I have to say that Wedding Paper Divas offers some pretty amazing coupon codes. So I suggest you sign up for their email list and when you get that perfect discount in the mail, you can take full advantage! If you don’t want to wait, get 25% off your first purchase using this LINK.
– Reconsider the super-expensive photog: As long as you have a friend with a nice cell phone and some basic pic-taking skills, I would suggest opting to save your money on the “save the date” pic and invest that into your wedding day photographer. With the awesome layouts and designs that Wedding Paper Divas has to offer, the simpler photos actually work really well! weddingpaperdivassavethedate
– Launch your website prior to sending: No one really wants to wait until the actual invitation to get more details about the wedding (especially of some of your guests are traveling!), so I suggest launching your wedding website BEFORE you send out the Save the Dates and include that URL along with the basic information you already have. Then, your guests can stay informed!
– Let someone else handle the guest and return addresses: Please learn from my mistakes and do NOT force yourself into some fancy hand-written calligraphy. Either you will pay way too much to have someone else write them out or end up like ME…tired and frustrated as I try and fail to learn this new skill (after spending $20 on the pen set!). Do yourself a favor and opt to have the mailing addresses (YES, both the guest address and return address) printed for you! With all of the cool fonts and designs that are available now, this is really the perfect option to save you time and energy – and totally worth paying a bit extra! I loved the creative designs that Wedding Paper Divas offers, they were live savers!
– Use the stamp to make a statement: Especially if you opt for a more simple envelope and printed addresses, the custom stamp is the perfect way to let your personality shine through! From photos to monograms to more detailed designs, Wedding Paper Divas also has this one covered as well! weddingpaperdivascustomstamps

Hopefully with you found some value in these 5 tips when buying Save the Dates and moving forward, you will have the confidence to stay calm and get this first milestone out of the way! Remember, if no one knows about your wedding and marks their calendar so they can attend, really…what’s the point of all the rest of the work you are about to put in this wedding!


If you have other helpful tips that you would like to add, please let us know below in the comments. If we’ve learned anything during the wedding planning process, is that asking for advice is so incredibly valuable! Also, if you are ready to take the leap now, make sure you take advantage of the 25% off discount we are able to offer to our readers by using this link! Also, if you are like me and need to hold some paper products in your hands before you made a purchase, you can request a fee sample pack on their website.


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