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Jumpstart your Holiday Shopping with Sears

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Jumpstart your Holiday Shopping with Sears

Jumpstart your Holiday Shopping with Sears

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Sears. However, all opinions expressed are my own

While it might only be October, it’s never too early to get a jump on holiday shopping! Even though sometimes it’s hard to get your mind focused on the holiday this year, its important to remember that early holiday shopping has many benefits! You can enjoy better product selection, easier budgeting, avoids crowds, and perhaps most important – the peace of mind later in the season knowing you’ve made progress (or even finished!) on your list while others scramble for last-minute gifts. Love that feeling, right?


Well, if you love to shop early, you aren’t alone! In fact, according to a recent report in USA Today, one million U.S. consumers finish their holiday shopping by September. So to help your you score greats deals and rest easy among the early birds, we are joining together with our friends at Sears to offer some insider tips and strategies on how to get a jump start on holiday shopping.

Tips on How to Jumpstart your Holiday Shopping with Sears

  • Don’t wait, put that list down on “paper” (digital or old-fashioned!) My mother and I actually share a mutual shopping list on Google so we can help each other find the perfect gifts.
  • Use social media to get ideas on what gifts people might want. I’ve been doing this for the last couple of years and it really helps get some great ideas! Look at the person’s social media feed and keep an eye out for shares where they show off things they love and products they have been eyeing!
  • Mark your calendar for hthe Sears Member Bonus Event happening on Sunday, October 16, 6-9PM. This special event will give Shop Your Way Members exclusive access to the Sears Days Lowest Prices of the Season Sale that doesn’t begin for everyone else until the following weekend.
    • Plus, unique just to this three-hour event – and something Sears has never done before – Sears is introducing the Sears Holiday Guarantee: When you shop in-store during the Sears Member Bonus Event on Oct. 16, if any item purchased goes lower in the same store between that night and Dec. 24, Sears will automatically credit you the difference back in points, up to a maximum of $100 in points per member.* That includes Black Friday doorbuster pricing! [*Points awarded 1/16/17]
  • Stay connected with your favorite stores, digitally. I’ve been using Shop Your Way®, with Sears, which is a free social shopping destination and rewards program offering millions of products, personalized services, and advice. The program rewards members for buying the products and services they want every day. Members also have access to special pricing, sales and digital coupons that can be loaded directly into their account. Great tool to have during the holidays!

Now while this isn’t tip, we have something you are going to love which is defintely going to help you jumpstart your shopping! Sears is providing us with a $100 Sears Gift Card which will be a perfect addition to your wallet during the holidays, am I right?


I will be heading to Sears next week for the Sears Days Lowest Prices of the Season Sale with my gift card in hand, as well, and can’t wait to see all the deal! My father is always one of my most tricky gift-buying names on my list, so I’m going to tackle that one first…and I know Sears will be able to help me out!

You can enter to win via the giveaway app below, the winner will be selected at random from valid entries and announced on 10/17.



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