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Latinos to Follow on Snapchat: NEW List

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Latinos to Follow on Snapchat: NEW List

Latinos to Follow on Snapchat: NEW List

Last year, we posted a list of “Who to Follow on Snapchat: Latino Edition” which included my favorite Hispanic snappers at that time. As you can imagine, that list has changed quite a bit…added to that, all the great recommendations we received in the comment section, I decided that it was about time for a NEW List of the Latinos to Follow on Snapchat!

So from musicians to actors to influencers, whether by personal recommendations, comments on past posts, or my favorites that I currently follow here you go!

Latinos to Follow on Snapchat: New List


  • Jose Osorio Balvin aka J Balvin: I love seeing the personal side of this superstar! He really uses his account as his daily diary and you get to join him as he travels the globe! Username: jbalvinofficial
  • Maluma: We can’t mention Balvin and not give a shout-out to Maluma. He posts snaps from all around the globe during his travels and gives his fans a personal look at his reggaetonero life. Username: malumaworld
  • Leslie Grace: She is one of my favorite singers out there right now, because not only is she talented but she is legit a sweet person! Her Snapchat shows the glamour side, but also the family side of her life. Username: lesliegrace3
  • Daddy Yankee: I was so excited to see the Big Boss finally on Snapchat! You can tell he is just starting to get comfortable with the platform, but has been posting more and more! Username: daddyyankee


  • Gaby Espino: I’m sure all of #TeamEspino rejoiced when Gaby joined Snapchat earlier this year. She is a pro at the funny face filters and shares her more private moments on this platform. Username: gabyespino
  • Maite Perroni: The newest celeb on this list to join Snapchat, Maite Perroni just recently shared her snapchat username with her fans. She is still getting the hang of the platform, but when she does snap – they are perfection! Username: maitepbworld
  • Eva Longoria: Eva is one of my all-time-favorite snappers. While she doesn’t snap anything ground-breaking, I appreciate her content because she is so real! She shows herself running around with her friends and family one minute and then later in the day, she is glammed up to attend a red carpet event. She gives off such a positive vibe, you can’t help but smile when you watch her. Username: realevalongoria


  • RaqCsWorld: Recommended by a friend, I started following RacQ last year not knowing really who she was or what she did. While I believe she got her start in radio, at this point, it really doesn’t matter what she does – because just her commentary from her daily life is entertaining enough. She shares all aspects of her life from cooking to beauty to fitness to boyfriend advice! Username: radioraqc
  • Watt Sopa: Need a good laugh? Then Watt is your man! While he is most known for his longer-form social media videos, but he does some funny sketches here as well – in addition to his daily commentating and silly faces. Username: wattsopa
  • Lorraine C Ladish: I can easily say that Lorraine is one of the most consistent snappers in my feed. She does a great job at keeping an interesting narrative of her life, combined with helpful advice – from the best yoga for a cold, to how to best manage your Instagram account! Username: lorrainecladish
  • LasGringasBlog: I can’t end this list without a shameless plus of my own account, right? On my Snapchat, I share stories from my daily life as well as the inside look at some of the hottest events and premios in Miami. One day I’m walking my dog and the next I’ll be snapping with William Levy – you never know! Username: LasGringasBlog

Who else would you add to this list? If nots not here, also make sure you check out the 1st edition of Latinos Who You Should Follow On Snapchat that was previously published. Let me know in the comment section below who should in on your next list of Latinos to follow on Snapchat!


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