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Will RBD be Reunited?

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Will RBD be Reunited?

Will RBD be Reunited?

After six years apart, there is some talk about a reunion of the chicos of RBD! The Mexican producer, Pedro Damián, confirmed this week that the reunion of the group RBD is getting closer! Very soon he plans to meet with members of these Rebeldes to refine the details of this comeback.

“Empezamos un chat, donde compartimos cosas, nos hemos reído y hemos recordado la trayectoria de RBD. Vamos a cenar, eso va a ser importante, no nos hemos visto desde que terminó la telenovela, cada quien está trabajando en su mundo, nos seguimos queriendo y amando como un grupo que trabajamos increíble”, -Pedro Damián via Televisa Espectáculos

How exciting! I definitely would be in support of a RBD Comeback. However, last time we saw Dulce Maria…she didn’t seem to hint at any reunion!

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For the complete article, en español, go here.


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