Learn English with El Chavo Mobile and Tablet Application

Learn English with El Chavo Mobile and Tablet Application

I had to learn Spanish the hard way…with old-fashioned notecards and text books, so I’m always jealous when I see all the cool apps and programs available these days for learning a new language! I recently received an email letting me know about the launch of this new program to help children learn English…and it was so cute, I just had to share!

Aprende inglés con El Chavo aka Learn English with El Chavo is a mobile phone and tablet application developed by the Televisa Foundation to help young children learn english! The free app is designed to teach English in a fun and stimulating way by using the characters from the popular El Chavo TV series. The platform was developed by a team of English-language teachers following education methods currently used in schools!

The application is currently available for Andriod and IOS version or also check out their website.


Do you have a favorite app for learning a new language? 


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