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Soy Americano y Latino de Corazon at Miami Marlins Game

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Soy Americano y Latino de Corazon at Miami Marlins Game

Soy Americano y Latino de Corazon at Miami Marlins Game

Last weekend, the Miami Marlins welcomed Lanugo, the Miami-based Latino-oriented children’s apparel line, support their efforts in raising awareness among the future generation of Latinos of their cultural roots.  During Family Day at the Marlins Park on Sunday, we celebrated their initiative Soy Americano y Latino de Corazon, which is inspired from a need to find a constructive way to express deep frustration surrounding the inflammatory Twitter remarks/attacks lobbed at 12-year-old Mexican-American Sebastien De La Cruz and Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony for singing the national anthem and “God Bless America” during Major League Baseball’s All Star Game 2013.

La Roja Americano y Latino de Corazon Marlins

In an effort to turn go from negative to positive (a la Pitbull), Miami residents Roberto Castro and his wife Carla Curiel, came up with an idea — send out a national Latino call to action for individuals and families to send in videotapes singing the Star Spangled Banner, which will be edited into one film showcasing Latinos from across the country singing the National Anthem. The initiative aims to inspire Latino parents to teach our future generations of Latino Americans that they can and should sing their national anthem and other patriotic songs with pride while holding dear the richness of their Hispanic heritage.

They also gathered a group of Latinos, adults and kids, and together with singer/song-writer, Alex Berne, led the Marlins Park in “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch. Before the game,  we were able to meet up with Roberto, Carla, and Alex on the field to discuss this initiative and what it means for the comunidad latina.

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In addition, we spoke to Juan Martinez, the Director of Multicultural Marketing for the Marlins who discussed by the organization decided to support this initiative.

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Definitely recommend that you check out Lanugo on Facebook and Twitter.…and get a t-shirt! I’m sporting mine with pride!

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