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Cinco de Mayo Fab Fiesta DIY Nails by CoverGirl

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Cinco de Mayo Fab Fiesta DIY Nails by CoverGirl

Cinco de Mayo Fab Fiesta DIY Nail Art by CoverGirl

Who else is getting ready for some Cinco de Mayo fun this weekend? While, I am well aware of the actual reason el 5 de mayo is celebrated in Mexico (La batalla de Puebla)…it doesn’t mean that I don’t like a reason to go out and celebrate with my friends! For those chicas who also like to incorporate some fun fashion into the holiday, we have for you a step-by-step on how to create some modern Cinco De Mayo nail art using CoverGirl’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss collection! I have to say that when I had this nail art done to me last month during Hispanicize by the fabulous celebrity manicurist Mar y Soul,” I received so many compliments so I know you will all love it.

Cinco de Mayo CoverGirl Nails2

Las Gringas Blog Cinco de Mayo Nail Look by CoverGirl

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Colors: Ever Reddy #175, Go-Go Mango # 245, Vio-Last # 300, Mint Mojito # 285, Out of the Blue # 295

Cinco de Mayo CoverGirl Nails-Mar Y Sol

  1. Apply two coats of Ever Reddy
  2. Design number 1: ‘tortilla chip’ tip
    • Using Vio-Last paint an upside-down triangle on any nail.
  3. Design number 2: fishtail french
    • First paint a diagonal in Mint Mojito, then with Vio-Last paint a diagonal crossing over Mint Mojito.
  4. Design number 3: hacienda half-moon
    • Using Out of the Blue paint a square on your half-moon. Paint a smaller square above that. Paint a dot above the smaller square for three tier look.
    • Using Go-Go Mango paint a square above your blue three tier look. With Go-Go Mango paint another little dot to give it a two tier look above the square.
  5. Design number 4: Cinco de Mayo color block
    • Draw a horizontal line across bottom half of the nail using Vio-Last.
    • Using Mint Mojito draw a vertical line over half of the nail.

Tip: For this look we mixed and matched four designs. Dare to them all in one look, or stick to one at a time.

Cinco de Mayo CoverGirl Nails3

Disclaimer: Las Gringas Blog enjoyed the nail art at no cost, but opinions are our own.


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