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6 Things Shakira Does That You Can’t

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6 Things Shakira Does That You Can’t

Anything You Can Do, Shakira Does Better.

When it comes to Shakira and her many talents, it’s probably best if we just get over it, throw in the towel and accept our lowly defeat. Find the 6 things Shaki does that you can’t, below!

1. Move

Yes, it’s true that Shakira can do some pretty miraculous things with her hips (‘cuz they don’t lie gente), but let’s be real. She could just turn her head around and look effortlessly gorgeous and cool in the process. If you did this, you would get whip lash or get hair in your eyes.


2. Be Flexible

I’m pretty sure there’s a fetish reserved for the human pretzel level of flexibility, but I’ve personally never seen this accomplished in a “sexy” way. Oh, but wait, here’s Shakira doing it, and even with a goofy face, she looks great.


3. Say Ridiculous Things

I don’t know about you, but when I say ridiculous things, I get weird looks or de-friended on Facebook. When Shakira says (sings) ridiculous things, she makes millions.


4. Sit

Those chairs on The Voice make zero sense. They’re red, huge and the rotating feature is beyond silly. Stick Shakira in one of them though, and it’s all, “what? I always sit like this.” Me? I’d probably just fall out of it…or break it.


5. Sing

Okay, this is the obvious one, but Shakira really does have a unique voice, and  you know exactly what I’m talking about. She does that thing where she’s singing and suddenly its like all the lyrics are stuck in her throat. Then it sounds like she’s over words, and she just pushes the sounds out. Right, well, when she does it, it’s awesome. When other people attempt it, I cringe. Dear everyone, don’t ever cover a Shaki song again, thanks.

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(Side note: She extends her awesomeness by supporting this weird version of “Loca” as performed by The Voice contestant Monique Abbadie.)

6. Pregnancy

We thought Shaki glowed like an angel, but we had no idea that the years leading up to her pregnancy were just practice. Throw some extra hormones into this woman, and its like she’s suddenly a goddess of fertility. Also, why does everyone except her look painfully awkward in couple pregnancy fotos?





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