Guide to Hispanicize 2013: 10 Tips Video

Guide to Hispanicize 2013: 10 Tips by La Roja y Rosy

We are just around the corner from one of my favorite weeks of the year in Miami, Hispanicize! This event is a must-attend for Latino (and aheem…non-Latino) trendsetters  in social media, journalism, marketing, film, music and innovation! It really is a blast and the 5 days are packed with soooo much from panels and pool partiesto film festivals and music showcases! Ay dios….it’s making my head spin just thinking about it ahora.

Since #Hispz13 will be my 2nd time at this rodeo, I got together with Rosy aka @SocialRosy from…who I actually met for the first time at #Hispz12, to put together a little lista of some of the things we learned last year and wish we had known ahead of time! Plus, we love to have a good laugh….so hopefully you will LOL a little bit tambien.

Watch our #Hispz13 Guide Ahora:

YouTube Preview Image

Also, another little Insider Tip: Make sure you pack your blanco…because we heard there is going to be a #fabulouswhite pool party!

So…who is ready?! Hopefully now you feel a little more prepared. For those of you who have yet to register, you have until Thursday to sign up via the web….asi que, daleeeee!



16 Responses to “Guide to Hispanicize 2013: 10 Tips Video”

  1. Isabel Garcia Reply

    Awesome tips! It will be my first time attending Hispanicize. :-)

  2. Melina Baetti Reply

    This is great! All really good tips. I'm going to share with my Coke colleague who will be attending for her first time :)

  3. Nina Onthemoon Reply

    esta increible el video, short, sweet and SUPER helpful! ^.^

  4. Great vid! We will heed all your advice since it's our first time at Hispanicize. Looking fwd to performing at the showcase and meeting all of you as well! Un abrazo desde L.A. ;)

  5. Lynn Ponder Reply

    Mega cute y el sweater de Rosy sooooo funny! Go Girls!

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