Calle Ocho Festival 2013: Complete Performers List

Calle Ocho Festival 2013: Complete Performers List

Delicious ethnic foods, la rumba of a colorful crowd, the world’s hottest musical acts, and the largest Latino street party in the U.S…..what’s not to love, verdad? On March 10th, thousands of people join in on the fiesta at the Calle Ocho Festival  to experience an international celebration of Latin rhythms and 16 flavorful blocks of food and drinks to keep you going hasta la noche!


While Las Gringas love the food vendors, exhibits, and activities…for us, its all about the musica!! Best of all? Free admission! So, really there’s no excusas! There are so many acts joining the festival this week, so we’ve done our best to gather the complete list of artistas which we will update as we receive mas info! Plus…here is the map!!



Calle Ocho Festival 2013 Complete Performers List


Chivas Regal

Location: 17th Ave North

  • Hansel y Raul
  • Willy Chirino
  • Carlos Oliva y Los Sobrinos del Juez




Location: 13 Court South:

  • Freestyle: Johnny O, Nasty Boyz, Nyasis, Company B, Ray Guell, Coro, Shannon
  • Latin: Tony de Leon, Kinto Elemento, Fusion 4, Carlos Orta, Ricky C, Latin Flavor


Mega 94.9 FM

Location:  19th Avenue North

  • Elvis Crespo
  • Angel y Khriz
  • Plan B
  • Grupo Treo
  • Alexis y Fido
  • El Juancho
  • Maffio
  • Los Ilegales


Cubana de Television

Location: 10 Street Road

  • Los Fonomemecos
  • Timba Live
  • Michel Calvo y su Power Band
  • Alfredo Rodriguez
  • Roberto Torres
  • Carlos Oliva y los sobrinos del Juez
  • Mirta Medina
  • La India
  • Amaury Gutierrez
  • Hansel y Raul
  • Carlos Manuel
  • Isaac Delgado


Mr. 305 Inc. 

Location: 12 Avenue North

  • DJ Chino
  • Fito Blanko
  • El Cata
  • Angel y Khriz
  • Sensato
  • Madai
  • Eli Jas
  • Maffio
  • Elvis Crespo
  • Santaye
  • Jamie Drastik
  • David Rush
  • Motiff
  • Vein
  • Papayo
  • Kulture Shock
  • Fat Joe
  • Tatiana K
  • Yunel Cruz
  • Kat DeLuna
  • Dazoo and Epic Kat Dalih



Location: 22 Avenue North

  • Frankie Ruiz Jr
  • Brenda K Starr
  • Eddie Santiago
  • Ingrid Hoffman
  • Juan Magan
  • Valien T
  • Dyland Y Lenny
  • Sonus
  • DJ Roco-Mix


Telemundo 51

Location: Pep Boys Lot

  • Pichaco
  • Sammy
  • Arsenilli
  • DAvon
  • Victoria
  • Bersachi
  • Willy Panama
  • Andy Pita
  • Arlin
  • Ambar
  • Juan Esteban
  • Carlos Faroy
  • Barbara Ruiz
  • Ulanito
  • Melina Almodovar
  • Lefty Perez
  • Cabas
  • Carlos Manuel
  • Fito Blanko
  • Oro Solido


Power 96

Location: 8 Avenue Anchor

  • B Smyth
  • Mr. Vegas
  • John Hart


elzol        westcoastchill

El Zol & West Coast Chill Energy

Location: 12 Avenue South

  • Gretchen
  • H.O.M.
  • Lucky Reyes
  • Juan Esteban
  • K Rose
  • Leslie Grace
  • Farruko
  • Nengo Flow
  • Sensato
  • El Cata
  • Joey Montana
  • Jalil Lopez
  • Fito Blanko

Check back daily, more names will be added soon!


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  1. Hebert Martinez Reply

    El mejor festival latino en E.U. "CALLE OCHO" que viva la salsa.

    • Las Gringas Reply

      Que Viva! Who are you the most excited to see at Calle 8?

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