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Beyonce Songs in Spanish: 2nd Edition

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Beyonce Songs in Spanish: 2nd Edition

Beyonce Songs in Spanish: 2nd Edition

Last year, I shared with you all a couple of our favorite Beyonce songs in Spanish. There’s been so much chatter about her recently, with the lip-syncing and the Superbowl performance…that I’m been swept up again into the amazing mundo that is Beyonce and so I went digging around again to find some more of her En Espanol canciones!

And I know what you are going to ask…does she really speak espanol? Well, I found this quote from an interview that clears that pregunta right up:

“A lot of my fans are Hispanic, and they’ve always told me, ‘You should sing something in Spanish,’ but I don’t speak Spanish at all. I took it in school [so] I thought, let me give this a try. I did these songs phonetically, sentence by sentence, and I spent a lot of time … making sure it was perfect, because I didn’t want to disrespect the language, because it’s so beautiful.” – Beyonce, in People Magazine

So, now back to the music….for those B-fans out there, here ya go!

2nd Edition of Beyonce Sings in Spanish:

  • “IrreemplazableLIVE: Now, I’ve been loving this song for a while, BUT this is the first time that I’ve see Beyonce sing in Spanish En Vivo…and it’s fantasic YouTube Preview Image
  • “Move Your Body:” Another new cancion here to enjoy, slightly awkward if you ask me YouTube Preview Image
  • “Amor Gitano” with Alejandro Sanz: Gettin’ her Spanish on in this sexy cancion: YouTube Preview Image
  • Behind the scenes of “Oye” aka “Listen:” Love seeing Beyonce doing her thing! YouTube Preview Image
  • “Si Yo Fuera Un Chico:” Just as good in Spanish as in English…love this one! YouTube Preview Image



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