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Madai Remixes All I Want For Christmas

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Madai Remixes All I Want For Christmas

Listen To Madai’s Spanglish Remix of Holiday Favorite, “All I Want For Christmas”!

So, I kinda always cringe every time I hear that anyone is covering “fill-in-the-blank” Christmas song for approximately the millionth time. That being said, I am really into Madai‘s new spanglish-y remixed version of “All I Want For Christmas“! I freaking love this song (unreasonably so), and Madai is killing it with the flawless transitioning between English and Spanish (can you say “all I want for Christmas eres tu”?) plus all those belting diva high notes. I mean, hello, if you sing like that, yes the song will be great. So, por favor, enjoy the song below and Feliz Navidad!


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