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Chino Y Nacho “Bebe Bonita” Feat. Jay Sean

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Chino Y Nacho “Bebe Bonita” Feat. Jay Sean

Chino Y Nacho “Bebe Bonita” Feat. Jay Sean.

Las Gringas just can’t get enough of the supreme duo, Chino Y Nacho…and apparently, we aren’t the only ones! With their most recent canción, “Bebe Bonita“, a collaboration with international superstar Jay Sean, they have conquered the #1 position on radio in the United States and Puerto Rico. It is the Venezuelan duo’s second #1 on la radio, joining their mega-hit “Nina Bonita“, a song which held the number one spot for various weeks in the summer of 2010.

And if you ask me…THIS is how you do a bilingual track. Chino Y Nacho might not have the most eloquent ingles abilities, but they were smart enough to bring in British star Jay Sean to keep the English integration very natural, versus forced and awkward like we’ve been seeing a lot of recently from other artists (…but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post). Playing up the duo’s strengths has paid off and “Bebe Bonita,” the second official single from “Supremo“, has been playing nonstop on the radio and in the clubs.

Always the performers…the video is upbeat and fun with just the right amount of product integration (hello there Ford Fiesta!). It was announced that “Bebe Bonita” was nominated for “Best Music Video” in the first annual Premios Tu Mundo awards which will be broadcast live on Telemundo from Miami on August 30.

Check out the video now!

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Let us know what you think…Do you prefer your Chino Y Nacho in Engish or Español?


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