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Juanes Judges La Voz Mexico

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Juanes Judges La Voz Mexico

Juanes, Paulina Rubio, Jenni Rivera y Miguel Bose Coach La Voz Mexico!

Okay, there are mixed reports circulating about the four new judges for season 2 of La Voz…Mexico. Yet, it looks like this season is going to get an extra dose of awesome in the form of super amazing Colombian rock singer Juanes. He is joined by Paulina Rubio, Jenni Rivera and Miguel Bose.

La Voz…Mexico is one of the many international replicas of the U.S.’s The Voice, where judges hand pick and coach the contestants to stardom. There are a lot of contestant centered reality shows out there right now, but The Voice (and La Voz) did shake thing up a bit.  And I’m sure that the already popular show will just get even better with the addition of Juanes and his other celebrity cohorts.

Pues, will you be watching?


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