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Paulina Rubio’s Divorce Heats Up

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Paulina Rubio’s Divorce Heats Up

Paulina Rubio And Nicolas “Colate” Vallejo-Nágera Split.

These gringas are sad to see the Mexican pop princess, Paulina Rubio, going through such a rough and public divorce. La Chica Dorada wed Spanish businessman Nicolas “Colate” Vallejo-Nágera less than 5 years ago, and apparently things started falling apart just after the birth of their adorable hijito, Andrea Nicolas. Paulina has kept herself and her son out of the spotlight since rumors of the split, but the same could not be said for her soon-to-be ex-marido.

Colate made a formal statement to Hola! magazine regarding the split, and at first, it sounds like the usual “it was a joint decision” safe, press release statement celeb couples typically offer. Then he slides in a snide comment at the end.

“It has been a decision by both of us, though it’s possible that I have been more firm when it came to carrying it out.”

So, basically, they made the decision together, but he wanted it more? He also indicated that the marriage negatively impacted his career. Plus, there are rumors he is seeking sole custody of their son. What a jerk…

To make things even more complicado, there are rumors that Rubio owes a substantial sum of back taxes to the US in Florida (who knows if that’s true though), and perhaps this has something to do with some of Nicolas’ bitterness.

Back to music, the timing is perfect for the release of her newest single, “Me Voy” featuring Espinoza Paz, which we love:

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