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La Roja Meets Pitbull

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La Roja Meets Pitbull

Pitbull Surprises La Roja In Miami!

Typical Saturday in Miami: browsing Facebook and killing time before my afternoon wax appointment. Per usual, I pause to read what Pitbull has to say and to my surprise. WHAT? He is in Miami, and he just invited all his fans to a park in Little Havana where he will be hosting a live stream for Western Union. It starts in 2 minutes.

Being the efficient gringa that I am, I quickly enter the address into my iPhone, put on some perfume and eyeliner (por si las moscas), and I’m out the door!

After a 10-minute drive down Calle Ocho, I find myself in the outskirts of East Little Havana at a tired little park filled with screaming niños and up-to-no-good teenagers, who are all completely oblivious that Pitbull is amongst them. Ignoring the “oye mami” and “cosita rica” piropos (cat calls), I march right past security to the press tent (hey, I’m press…kinda).

No sign of Pitbull, so I turn to go to my car to wait for a friend. Then BAM! Mr. 305….Mr. Worldwide is walking straight towards me, no security guards and wearing cream-colored pants.

I’m not going to pretend that La Rubia and I hadn’t planned out exactly what we would say/do when one of us met him. However, I fell into…well…what I can only explain as a “Pitbull’s pants” trance, and what proceeded is as follows:

Me: “Hi, can I please get a photo”

Pitbull: (Laugh) “Yes, of course, baby” (grabs my waist and pulls me in for a photo)

Me: “Thanks so much”

Pitbull: “No problem, baby”

Me: (Trembling)

So, maybe my first encounter with Armando didn’t go as planned. However, mission accomplished:

So, that’s my story. Details on the Western Union event and more photos of Pitbull and his pants, here!

¿What Latino celebrity would you like to meet? ¡Cuéntanos!



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